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  Basic Principles of Security Service
  I. The Principles of Operating in accordance with the Law and Protecting Legality
  Operating according to law means that security arrangements and security personnel must abide by the laws and regulations of the state in their operation and service activities, take decrees as the principle of conduct, and take them as the sole criterion to measure the legality, legality and illegality. Under all circumstances, they must strictly abide by the rules of the decrees and regulations to ensure their correctness. To implement and protect the seriousness of laws and regulations, we must not ignore national laws and regulations, operate illegally or yield to certain powers, and change the nature of security services to become an arrangement, a private guard or a fighter of a certain person. To operate according to law is to sign specific contracts for security services from the overall scope of service. It is necessary to carry out the contract, labor service and technical service of safety precaution within the scope of laws and regulations.
  2. The Principle of Justice, Voluntarity and Paid Service
  Security service companies provide paid services to customers. Whether it is security, technical or labor services, they must be paid. As far as the decree is concerned, it belongs to civil activities. The rules of civil law in our country include the equal position of the parties in civil activities, the principle of voluntariness in civil activities, and the principle of fair voluntary and paid service in security service companies, as stipulated in Article 5, paragraph 2, of the Regulations on the Administration of Security Service in Guangdong Province. 。 The so-called "justice" refers to the fact that the security service company and the customer are two equal civil subjects in the connection of civil law. They are equal in the legal position. There is no connection between the leader and the leader, nor between the big and the small, but only the connection between the service and the service.
  "Paid service" means that the security company undertakes and protects the personal and property safety of the security policy for its customers, and that the customers pay certain rewards to the security service company. The purpose of establishing security service industry in our country is to deal with unreasonable problems such as that the security of enterprises is entirely borne by the state free of charge under the condition of socialist market economy. Therefore, security guards do not receive the necessary reasonable remuneration, and it is difficult to sustain their livelihood, let alone start the work of security service workers. However, if we only focus on paid service, the security service company will benefit, while ignoring the interests of customers is not equal. Therefore, we should regard fair, voluntary and paid service as an operating principle of security service companies. This is not only the requirement of the economic rules of the socialist market, but also the self-development, perfection and strong demand of security service companies, as well as the requirement of guaranteeing the legitimate rights and interests of customers against aggression.
  3. Adhering to the Principles of Supervision and Management and Guidance of Public Security Organs
  Our country's security service industry carries out security activities under the supervision and guidance of the public security organs, which is the basis of distinguishing our country's security service industry from other countries'security industry. It resolves all the security acts carried out by the security service industry in our country, expresses the will and interests of the people, protects the order of socialist public order and economy, and prepares and strikes against the criminals who damage the socialist construction. Our country's security service industry attaches the most importance to social benefits. One of its service tenets is to improve the overall social security preparedness ability, based on the improvement of social security services and social benefits. Its entire operation and service activities need to be based on decrees. Therefore, it is necessary for the security service industry to be supervised and managed by the public security organs, so as to ensure that the security service industry in China has been developing healthily along the socialist legal track and in accordance with the market economic rules.